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Jobseekers and how to deal with a lack of relevant work experience

It is all too common that people looking to change their careers struggle because they lack the relevant work experiences required by employers. However, there are ways that applicants can try to minimise these problems by focusing on your transferrable skills. You should remember that everyone was once in your position and they managed to get their first job. Taking this into account, you should not lose heart and belief in your ability to get your first job. Here are some tactics that can be utilised in order to overcome a lack of relevant experience on your CV, by combining these methods it should help you get that first job.
Volunteer / Internships: Internships are increasingly popular in all industries because they provide employers with cheap or free workers, whilst the intern gains vital experience. 

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Temp work: Look for temporary jobs and get some money while you build up work experience. This is more lucrative than internships, but may lack the structure of a good intern. This can however give you a vital edge to gain your first job. Furthermore, temping enables you to gain some on the job skills that you can take with you to a permanent role.

Transferable skills: Everyone has some type of experience whether it is in other jobs or in education. You need to focus on the experience that you have which is relevant to your skills. For example, if your job will require talking to people and presentation you can focus on a job where you faced public or educational experiences. The key is to adapt your CV to focus on relevant skills, in order to make you a better candidate and CV.

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Social Media: A new way to make your CV and intentions to get a job is through Social Media. These portals enable you to find more job opportunities. Therefore, set up a profile that is highly relevant to your requirements. You should look to make the most of these opportunities as they are free and require little effort. Recruiters are always on these sites looking for good candidates.

Networking: Social Media is great, but you should make an effort to try it the traditional way. Make an effort to meet people and attend events. Any time that you can meet a potential employer through networking is most valuable, as it will give you real job opening.

If you are looking to build your CV, training courses are a great way to achieve this goal.

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